Selected Publishers and Mapmakers

Appalachian Mountain Club

Architectural Publishing Co., The

Bailey, O.H. & Co.

Baist, G.W.

Baist's, G.W. & Sons

Barnes, A.S. & Co.

Barnes & Farnham

Bartholomew, John

Bartholomew, John & Co.

Beck, Henry Charles

Beers, Comstock & Cline

Beers, D.G. & Co.

Beers, Ellis & Soule

Beers, F.W. & Co.

Boynton, G.W.

Branch, Ernest W.

Bromley, G.W. & Co.

Bromley, G.W. & W.S.

Bromley & Robinson

Burleigh, L.R.

Burroughs, H.N.

Century Co., The

Colby, George N. Co.

Comstock & Cline

Currier & Ives

Cram, George F.

Everts & Richards

Fowler, T.M.

Franklin Survey Co.

Gray, O.W.

Hopkins, G.M. & Co.

Hurd, D.H. & Co.

Imperial Japanese Government Railways

International Publisher's Co.

Johnson & Ward

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

Metropolitan Park Commission (Massachusetts)

Metropolitan Transit Authority (Boston MTA)

McKim, Mead & White

McNally, Francis

Mitchell, S. Augustus

Mitchell, S. Augustus Jr.

Moyer, James B. 

Mueller, A.H.

Murphy & McCarthy

National Geographic

Nirenstein Map Co.

New York City Transit Authority

Norris, George E.

Rand, McNally & Co.

Richards, L.J.

Richards, L.J. & Co.

Richards Map Co.

Robinson, E.

Ruger, A.

Ruger & Stoner

Sanborn Map Company

Stadly, George W. & Co.

Stedman, Brown & Lyon

Stoner, J.J. 

Streuli & Puckhafer

Stuart, J.H. & Co.

Underground Electric Railways of London (UERL)

U.S. Army Map Service

U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey (USC&GS)

U.S. Coast Survey (USCS)

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Wagner & Debes

Walker, Geo H. & Co.

Walker Lithograph & Publishing Co.

Walker, Oscar W. 

Walling, H.F.

Wise & Ginsburg

Yeager-Klinge Co.