Rand McNally's Business Atlas of the World 1892

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Rand, McNally & Co.'s Enlarged Business Atlas and Shippers' Guide, Containing Large Scale Maps of the Dominion of Canada, Old Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and the Several States and Territories of the United States. Together with a Reference Map of the World, Printed in Colors from Plates Secured by Letters Patent, Producing the Clearest Typographical effect of any known Engraved Plates, Accompanied by a New and Original Compilation and Ready Reference Index, Showing in detail the Entire Railroad System, Each Printed in Separate Character Colors, The Express Company doing Business Over each road, and Accurately Locating all Cities, Towns, Post Offices, Railroad Stations, Villages, Counties, Parishes, Islands, Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Etc.

Published by Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago 1892

Note: This collection also includes misc. maps published by Rand, McNally & Co. in 1892.